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We have over 12 years of experience providing top-quality Mobile App Development, Mobile Graphic Design, 2D & 3D Logo Design, Animation, Video Editing, Website design and IT Project Management Skills with ZERO CODING. We at June 12 Technology are dedicated to providing our Clients/Students with the best and latest technical standard in the digital space.

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we are into Mobile App Development, Website Development, Mobile Graphics Design, Video Editing, Animations, Digital Marketing, Project Management and General ICT Consult.

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Frequently asked questions

There are four types of task links in MS project

  • Finish to start link: In this link the second task cannot be initiated until the first task is completed
  • Start to start link: In this link, the second task can begin at any time after first task is initiated
  • Finish to finish link: In this link, two task does not have to end at the same time, the second task can end anytime after first task is ended
  • Start to finish link: In this link, the second task can’t finish until the first task begins.

As the name suggests, link task in MS project is used for linking any two tasks in a project.

In MS project, constraint is used for scheduling the task and setting a due date for the task.  The types of constraint available in MS project are

  • As soon as possible
  • As late as possible
  • Must start on
  • Must finish on
  • Finish no later than
  • Start no later than
  • Start no earlier than
  • Finish no earlier than

Resource levelling is the coolest feature given by MS project; these tool schedules work without over allocating work to the employees, especially for those who are indulged in multi-task activities.  For example, there is a project A and B and allotted time for this project is 3 and 2 days. When an individual use resource levelling, it schedule the work as first 2 days for the project A and later two days for project B and again on the last day it will return to project A.

  • Inserting Tasks: If you forgot to insert task in the list you can add by clicking the place whee you want to add a task and go to “Insert>New” task or press “insert.”
  • Outlining Structure: You will be creating an outline of the project by assigning the project name. In respect to do that you have to select all deliverables underneath the heading and then click the Indent button. They will all line up, and the deliverable will appear in bold
  • Assign numerical code to tasks: Once you have created a work breakdown, you can assign a numerical code to it. In respect to do that go to “tools” in the task bar. Under “options”, you will see “outline options”, under this you have to click on check box with the option “show outline number”. You will see that the task list will have a numerical code in front of it.

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